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Stoplight Golight functions as a timer only. Once set for the desired number of hours and minutes (i.e. 10 hours and 30 min.), the light turns red. The sound indicator will instruct the user to "stop" and concentrate on the specified task. When time is up, the green light will turn on, signaling that time is up. The timer does feature an audible alarm. The timer can be set for only audible or visual indicators or for both at the same time.

Both engage buttons on either side of the timer must be pressed in order to operate the buttons on the device. This allows adults to easily set the timer while making it nearly impossible for small children to change the time.

Make sure both of the Engage buttons (black buttons on either side) are pressed. Then you can enter your time using the display and buttons on top of the device.

Yes. The yellow light flashes as a warning that time is about to expire. The yellow light and sound will go off 15 seconds before time ends for time intervals over 1 minute. For time intervals under 1 minute, the yellow light and sound will go off when 10% of time is left.

The green light stays on until any other button is pressed on the timer. This allows the child to sleep in as long as they wish. When power is low, the green light will only stay on for 5 minutes to conserve power.

No, the green light turns off after 5 minutes to retain power.

All Stoplight Golight timers sold after June 1, 2021 are rechargeable and come with a USB-C charging cord. When charge is low, you will see a battery icon on the LCD screen.

The red light stays as long as the timer is on. You are not able to set a time for the red light to come on.

Yes, there is a Start/Pause button on top of the timer. You can pause the timer mid-task if needed.

Yes, there is a notch in the back to allow for hanging on a wall.

It is a repeated, mid-range beeping sound that is moderately loud. The volume is comparable to a smartphone timer set at roughly 50% volume.

There is no snooze button.

It needs to be manually reset after each use.

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