Meet the NEW Stoplight Golight!

Meet the NEW Stoplight Golight!

With the all-new Stoplight Golight timer, it’s easier than ever to keep kids on schedule. When you purchase a new Stoplight Golight, you’ll receive our latest model with exciting new features and upgrades.

What’s New?

The updated device is now smartphone compatible with the FREE companion app. Now parents can set and control the timer with just a few taps on your smartphone. Simply connect to the device via Bluetooth™ and use the settings tab to set your time.

Want the timer to flash green instead of red when time’s up? The app allows you to make these changes in seconds.

After countless requests, the yellow light is now functional, flashing on as a warning that time will soon expire. With this addition, the timer finally functions like a real traffic light with the red, yellow, and green lights all operating in sequence.

The new device also features a USB-C charging port to provide longer-lasting power. No more tangled wires or digging through drawers to find fresh batteries.

Better Time Management

Altogether, these features make it much simpler to implement the timer in your family’s routine. In fact, each of these new features originated from customer feedback received through one of our many platforms.

For example, the original Stoplight Golight required users to set time manually on the device. However, the new model can be controlled remotely from anywhere within 15 feet, saving parents valuable time and effort.

Though it has many uses, Stoplight Golight was created to build a sense of structure for kids and parents. It promotes independence by taking parents out of the “Time Enforcer” role and allowing kids to focus their attention more on more specific tasks and activities.

Is time management killing your family’s schedule? Order the all-new Stoplight Golight today and experience time made simple.

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