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Stoplight Golight Timer App for IOS and Android

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Get even more out of your Stoplight Golight kids timer with the FREE Stoplight Golight App.

Download this companion app to enable remote control of your Stoplight Golight device via Bluetooth™. The app also allows you to customize the way the timer works.

You can now change the timer end notification from red to green, symbolizing that the time period has ended and it’s now time to “go!”

You can also select a specific end time in the app instead of calculating the number of hours and minutes needed and inputting it on the Stoplight Golight device.

For example, if you want the timer to end at 3:45 pm, you can select this time in the app and it will calculate the number of hours and minutes the countdown should be.

Customize your timer with the following app capabilities:
Enable Bluetooth™ pairing
Connect to your Stoplight Golight timer via Bluetooth.

Control your Stoplight Golight timer remotely from your smartphone:
Set timer with clock time or enter time interval.
Start, stop, and pause your Stoplight Golight device from your smartphone.

Settings Tab:
Turn on/off sound from alarm.
Turn on/off music.
Set countdown to green. By default, the timer ends on red.